At the bottom of this post you will find a Google Doc link for proof of the completion of my Basics assignment.

Some highlights from this “Thing” included:

  • Student Technology Standards
  • Screenshots
  • Shortcuts
  • Best Instructional Practices

Here are several screenshots of items I would like to reference in the future:

image image


2 thoughts on “Basics

  1. Derica,
    You’re in a good place starting this course with awareness and being ready to develop more tech literacy skills. In your lesson aligned to ISTE standards, I appreciate that you have students writing in art class about their learning and using Artsonia. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Derica,
    Just another thought as I’m rereading your Basics reflection. In the tech best practice strategies (Classroom Instruction That Works), one of the things it’s easy to miss is that feedback doesn’t all have to be from the teacher. We can teach our students how to provide constructive feedback using a rubric or set of criteria. It’s easy to beat ourselves up because we just can’t find the time to provide effective feedback to every student for every single project or assignment. Feedback can take other forms so let yourself be open to that and focus on the things that are most important for your own assessment time. Anything we can teach our students to do also helps them to be more discriminating viewers and evaluators and those are lifelong skills. Thanks for delving into the best practice strategies.


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