Visual Learning

Word Clouds:

For my Word Cloud I copied and pasted an excerpt from a biography on Pablo Picasso. I used ABCya. I visually liked the look of the Word Clouds produced by Wordle better but the App was not available for iPads.

As I read over the 108 ways Word Clouds can be used in the classroom I really valued that Art and Music classes were addressed…us “Special” teachers are often forgotten! For #3 the author suggests having the class coming up with descriptive words to describe an Artwork and then publish as a Word Cloud. I LOVE this idea as an addition to the typical description I put up next to student Artwork displays. I could also see my upper El. students creating Word Clouds as a component of an Artist Study… Possibly as the cover to their Research project or as an interactive game to conclude their Artist presentations.

Pablo Picasso 



Mind Mapping:

Technology is always an ADVENTURE right!? I decided to use as my Graphic Organizer for a Unit I teach on Impressionist Artists due to it being “most” grade level appropriate for my students (K-5). After I signed up for it wouldn’t allow me to sign in… Even after multiple attempts. I then decided to use Popplet… It wouldn’t allow me to use on my iPad (also costs $4.99)…so I did some further research and found that Popplet has another version of “itself” called Popplet Lite (FREE) specifically for iPad use. As it turns out… all of the effort was worth it! I could see both my students and myself using this App/Graphic organizer. As an introduction to an Impressionist Unit I intend to use Popplet to introduce my students to the many Artists who worked within this Movement as well as showing them well known Artworks by each Artist. Being a VISUAL learner myself…I believe my students will benefit from seeing the visual commonalities of the Artists Artworks side by side.


QR Codes:

My 5th Grade Teaching Partner Marcia Hojnacki actually showed me how to create a QR Code this year. She suggested it as a way to help easily present my Classroom Website URL to Parents at our 2015-2016 Open House. I have since thrown the printout away and forgot the website… what a great refresher!



A simple Infographic? Hardly. I first downloaded only to find that it wasn’t all that “” to use! I far preferred the flexibility of Piktochart. This App had a large library of fonts and graphics to choose from. I played around with layout and graphics for over an hour… I’m in LOVE! I could see my upper El. students using this program to present information for an Artist study and for my lower El. students as a hook for Artist introductions! I can’t wait to use Piktochart again.




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