Cloud Initiation

*I’ve noticed that the assignment on the 21Things4Teachers site for this “Thing” and the paper assignment document are VERY different.  Per our online checkpoint you stated to use the 21Things4Teachers site vs. the paper assignment document.  The following reflects the site’s requirements for this “Thing.”

Online Bookmarking:

I decided to use Diigo as my online Bookmarking tool. I have actually never bookmarked!  I always just search using Google or type in the address that I need to access.  This tool will be an incredible resource to house all of my favorite educational websites, PDFs, and images!

Cloud Resources for Storing and Saving Digital Content:

Nothing like airing your dirty… or maybe it’s embarrassing laundry but here goes: Even if you think you are “tech savvy” you really aren’t. I had no idea that I already had a Google Drive account! I feel like my 82 year old Grandmother right now…”I thought I only had the email!”;) ANYWAY. My Google Drive is now a readily accessible App on my iPad and is very organized thanks to this “Thing.”

*And might I add I also learned how to resize Media in Blog posts as each of these images were showing up as Medium sized “I can’t read you” vs. Large “oh that’s better images.




Through this “Thing” I feel I have become efficient at storing/organizing important data towards access/application in the my classroom. I almost giggle at how at a recent PD offering I asked my attendees to bring a thumb drive! 🙄 We all have SO much to learn! I’ve created a Student Work folder in my Google Drive which will now house all of my student work photos for application on their digital portfolios and on my school website for my Blog. I have a tendency of filling my iPad with school work/project photos versus putting it “into the cloud.” I could also see myself having my upper El. students use a Cloud Storage tool to easily access saved information towards the completion of an Artist Research project.


One thought on “Cloud Initiation

  1. Derica, thank you for your awesome post! Doesn’t learning make you feel good, proud and accomplished? I’m glad you learned more about using your Drive. Although I do remember balking at having to use Google Docs because other committees and groups I work with across the state did all of our work there, and I really missed the features of Word, PowerPoint, etc., suddenly I realize I made the transition and rarely open these any more – it’s just more convenient to have all my work there wherever I am. You’ve got this one now!


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