Collaboration Tools

For this “Thing” (Collaboration Tools) I created a lesson plan using Google Drive which included the ISTE Standard 2.b towards technology integration.  I then shared this document with 3 colleagues; requesting input and suggestions related to this technology integration.

Below you will find the link to the Google Doc that was created for this “Thing.”

For my Collaborative Sharing Board I used Lino.  I created a Sharing Board related to the lesson plan that I developed for the first portion of this assignment: Drawing from Observation that includes the addition of an ISTE Standard.  I invited Sue Summerford and Julie Mapstone to contribute to my Sharing Board.

Here is the link to my Drawing from Observation Lino Sharing Board:

Below you will find a screenshot of my Lino Sharing Board before my invitees have posted.


In reflection these Collaboration tools (Google Drive and Lino) will increase my productivity as a Visual Arts Educator.  As it relates to authentic experiences I have already used Google Drive to interact with my building principal to submit Lesson Plans for my Evaluations.  This “Thing” has allowed me more time to investigate the interactive components of Google Drive.  I added multiple invitees to Edit my Drawing from Observation Doc, and added additional information to the Lesson plan for viewers to interact with.  I am VERY excited about my Lino account.  Through interacting with Sue Summerford during Open Lab time we discussed the possibility of developing Grade Level Lessons with K-5 Visual Arts Educators from other Districts.  I really like the Multi-Modal approach where participants can not only view, but also add images, documents, and videos to the Sharing Board.  What a VISUAL way to collaborate with colleagues that you normally wouldn’t have access to!  I can’t wait to put Lino into use for the upcoming 2016-2017 academic year.

*As a follow up to this “Thing” it has now been almost two weeks and I haven’t received any input on my shared Google Doc or my Lino board despite utilizing proper sharing techniques.  Let’s chalk this up to it being the summer? I hope to effectively utilizing these Collaboration tools in the future.


One thought on “Collaboration Tools

  1. Derica, your Lino noteboard is lovely, very representative of visual arts! Try as I might, I just could not get access to download or edit. I remember when you were creating it and we were sharing on a practice board, but I just can’t figure out which of my numerous accounts I was logged into at that time. I really don’t have to get access and I hope some of the other arts teachers you share it with might create accounts and respond to share in the collaboration. This might be something you could present at one of their annual PD sessions.

    I did request access with my account to the Google Doc.


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