URL Shorteners:

For my URL Shortener I used TinyURL. This tool shortened my favorite Art Teacher blog from 36 to 24 characters; became I actually would argue that utilizing the original URL, although 8 characters longer, is far easier to remember in this case than the random characters that TinyURL produced.


I have several ideas on how I could use a calendar to increase my Professional Productivity. I decided to use Google Calendars as I already have a Google Account. I also use an Apple calendar for personal use that I believe increases my productivity/efficiency in our family. The screenshots first screenshot I included below shows a professional deadline as it relates to creating. My students participate in the Art-A-Licious Art Fair each year. Having a calendar that I don’t have to carry around that could be designated for Professional events would assist me in staying organized. So my first idea is utilizing Google calendar for professional Artistic Deadlines (Mounting for upcoming Art Shows, Art Shows, etc.).  The second Screenshot features the dates of the Michigan Art Education Association State Conference. This past year I took a position with the LISD to do professional development planning for the Art Educator of Lenaweee County. I could use Google Calendar to communicate with my fellow Art Educators upcoming professional development dates/topics! Very excited about increasing my productivity with a Calendar Tool.

image image


I’m not sure what went wrong with zamzar but it kept telling me to input a valid email address no matter what email I input. With that being said I can’t wait to utilize zamzar to convert word files into MP3’s so I can’t make better use of the very short class time I have with my students to read Artist Bio’s, project requirements, etc. Which will also allow me to read my auditory learners! This Productivity resource is full of potential!




One thought on “Productivity

  1. Derica,
    With TinyURL I like to do the custom link option and make it meaningful to me. I agree with you sometimes the original link is easier to recall. These shorteners are most useful for addresses such as Google docs which are a mile and a half long with meaningless symbols when I can use something like len21 or infographics pres or citw16 at the end which someone might possibly remember to make it easier to access content if they are going to have to type in an address to start.

    I’m excited about how you might use Google calendar to help coordinate your many groups/projects. And I’m glad to hear you’re heading up the arts PD this year. This is a pretty vital group and I know you have many great ideas to contribute!


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