Digital Citizenship

For this “Thing” I decided to focus on Digital Literacy. It’s interesting to think about the responsibilities that we as educators are expected to complete with less and less time.  This past school year I had 25 minutes 1x per week with my K-5 Visual Arts students. We were expected to engage our students in an impossible list of Content Standards and Expectations (no GLCE’s exist in the State of Michigan for the Visual Arts), we were evaluated (and therefore expected to teach Writing and Reading Skills), as “Highly Effective” Teachers we held ourselves to engaging with our teaching peers to develop and present interdisciplinary lessons that support Classroom Study, of course we teach life skills, support positive behavior, and now we have a list of Technology Standards that we need to integrate into our instruction in order to effectively prepare our students for the workforce that they will enter upon graduation.  With that being said I was very glad to find upon research that other school districts are teaching Digital Literacy within their Arts Classrooms. I found an exciting Video developed by the Texas Cultural Trust that promotes their Visual Arts/Digital Literacy Curriculum which focuses on preparing (High School) students for employment in the Creative/Collaborative/Digital 21st Century.

My favorite Online Art Education Website: The Art of Education (AOE) also published an exciting read on this topic which can be found at:

The Art of Creating Digital Citizens

I then found an Art Teacher at Dryden Elementary who is teaching Digital Citizenship using Artsonia!  This is an Online Art Portfolio Tool that I already use with my students.  I could definitely see myself utilizing this in my classroom to development Digital Literacy Skills with my K-5 Students.

Respect, Educate, and Protect (REP’s):

Respect Your Self/Respect Others


– Access

– Law

Educate Your Self/Connect with Others


– Communication

– Commerce

Protect Your Self/Protect Others

-Rights and Responsibility

– Safety (Security)

– Health and Welfare
If this was to be taught beginning at the kindergarten level it would follow this pattern:

Repetition 1 (kindergarten to second grade)
Respect Your Self/Respect Others
Digital Etiquette

Educate Your Self/Connect with Others
Digital Literacy

Protect Your Self/Protect Others
Digital Rights and Responsibility

Repetition 2 (third to fifth grade)
Respect Your Self/Respect Others
Digital Access

Educate Your Self/Connect with Others
Digital Communication

Protect Your Self/Protect Others
Digital Safety (Security)

To add to the Face of my Classroom I’ve decided to add a Digital Citizenship Page on my K-5 Visual Arts School Website.  Here is a Link to my Digital Citizenship Page:

I’ve decided to take the approach of listing Michigan State Standards and Benchmarks for the Visual Arts that touch on Technology Outcomes. I can’t wait to use this page as a starting point for ensuring I’m addressing Digital Literacy/Citizenship with my Students/Parents.


One thought on “Digital Citizenship

  1. Derica,
    Wow! If you just addressed this area for one year with information that will help every student you touch become more knowledgeable about how to become a productive and safe digital citizens, discerning and literate, what a great service that is to your school and community! And then you have the opportunity to revisit each year to reinforce this important. You’re in a powerful place, girl! Do what you can, knowing what a big task this is to create these positive, prepared citizens. (We wouldn’t miss an opportunity to review “Stop, Drop and Roll!”)


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