Be Legal and Fair

Fun video to share with my 5th Grade Artists regarding Copy Right Laws created by Eric Faden of Bucknell University:

Plagiarism Checkers and Writing Tools:


For this “Thing” I decided to use a 3rd Grade students Artist Statement from their Artsonia account as a response to an Abstract Expressionism assignment. I require my 3rd graders to write 3 sentences which focus on process, content, mediums, or feeling. I honestly don’t see myself using a plagiarism checker with my (K-4) Elementary students. The intent/opportunity simply isn’t there. I can, however, see myself using such a tool with my 5th Grade Artists. I intend to add an Artist Research Assignment to their Curriculum. Using Grammarly and Plagtracker could be an excellent tool to aide students in revising their work. These tools could also help in reducing the workload on educators as it relates to seat time spent grading/correcting.  I really like how Plagtracker gives constructive advise regarding the content of individual students writing.


One thought on “Be Legal and Fair

  1. Creative Commons has grown in use as an alternative to acknowledge intellectual property. Some teachers with younger students have them use the Copyright symbol on their work (copyright Jimmy, 2016). Creative Commons is another way to share permission to copy/use your material. Teachers have gotten better at sharing and down the road you might want to consider this as part of your digital literacy lessons.


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