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I am in LOVE with PhotoPeach.  I created a slideshow of my 2015-2016 5th Graders Contour Line Collage Self Portraits to show my upcoming 5th Grade Artists.  One issue I’ve personally been challenged with is creating samples of my own personal work to show students as inspiration.  What typically happens is that students think creating an Artwork just like mine is what I’m looking for even though I stress otherwise.  Using PhotoPeach to create slideshows of previous student work will allow my future students to be inspired by their peers towards creating quality, unique Artworks.  I can see myself using this website to show stills of process as well vs. in person demo.  This could alleviate students struggling to see (Elmo please?) who aren’t able to fit around my demonstration table.

5th Grade Contour Line Collage Self Portraits


I used Voki to create an Avatar that introduces myself to my upcoming 2016-2017 students.  I had a lot of fun creating my Avatar.  I decided on a Toon with playful hair and clothing.  I matched my hair color and eye color to the best of my ability.  I decided to add fun glasses and a paint splotch background.  I can see myself using this Avatar to actively engage my students in Unit Intros, Artist Bios, etc.  As it relates to student use I could see my “shy” students using an Avatar to present their Artist Research projects!  Click here to view my Voki Presentation.





One thought on “Digital Images

  1. I am SO glad you suggested having shy students use Voki. I always want teachers to understand it’s less about what we’re doing with these tools and more what we’re having our students create as we gradually get more comfortable giving up that control.

    And I love the Photo Collage. How did you get 5th graders to do this? Maybe it was just a different time, but I feel so cheated in my arts education (other than music). You have some great examples here to inspire your students!


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