Powerful Presentations

For this “Thing” I decided to explore BlendSpace.  I had already used the other resources discussed/presented and wanted to explore something new.

I decided to use a 3rd Grade Standard that focuses on the Elements of Art:

Grade 3


Standard 1: Apply Skills and Knowledge to Perform in the Arts.

ART.VA.I.3.3 Describe, Discuss, and Model the Elements of Art to Communicate Ideas.

I structured my BlendSpace in such a way that I can use it to expose my 3rd grade Artists to formal definitions of each of the Elements of Art as defined by the J. Paul Getty Museum, individual videos on each of the Elements of Art, and finally included a concluding resource that I will personally use to guide my students through lessons on each of the Elements.

I find this Standard to be very cumbersome to instruct. I feel through the use of BlendSpace I would easily be able to present, expose, explore…and then revisit as needed throughout our unit while we create in each of the Elements.  I like how this resource has a search bar within the program so no outside searching is essentially necessary.  Videos, images, and text can all easily be found and inserted into each lesson.

One thing that I didn’t like about BlendSpace is that within its Standard search it only allows you to correlate with Common Core Standards for Math and ELA.  I would have liked to link it to the appropriate Michigan Visual Arts Standard.

Click here to view my BlendSpace Lesson on the Elements of Art.

As it relates to the integration of ISTE standards for students I could see taking my 3rd Grade Artists down to the computer lab (1:1 classes could respond within our room using their individual iPads) as a conclusion to this Unit and having them “comment” on each of the Element “Slides” with their own definition of each Element, this could even utilized twice as a pre-post assessment.  As an alternative idea students could create their own BlendSpaces that feature slides of their own individual works of Art that illustrate each of the Elements of Art (students are already in the habit of taking personal Artwork photos for the purpose of uploading to Artsonia).  Students could use the text function to describe/defend how they feel their Artwork falls within that category.  As it relates to collaboration students could engage in an informal critique by leaving an anonymous comment on a peers slides giving feedback as to how they feel that Artwork does/does not fall within that Element of Art.

ISTE Standard 2:

Communication and Collaboration

Students Use Digital Media and Environments to Communicate and Work Collaboratively, including at a Distance, to support Individual Learning and Contribute to the Learning of Others.

a. Interact, collaborate, and publish with peers, experts or others employing a variety of Digital Environments and Media.


One thought on “Powerful Presentations

  1. Derica,
    Did I share with you Kathy Machniak’s blog posts showing her LiveBinder with standards and her Blendspace? She’s an elementary art teacher at Clinton schools. You should get in touch with her – she took 21 Things last year and has already done many of these things and might be willing to share ideas with you. Blendspace is a great tool especially for the arts.


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