15-Digital Classroom Management

Class Dojo:

During this past school year one of my 4th grade classroom teachers would always request a report at the end of class related to how many bubbles I felt like his students had earned.  I could give them up to ten.  I actually never knew until now that those bubbles were for his whole ClassDojo.  I can’t wait to use this incredible resource with my students for the 2016-2017 school year.  Being that I at times see up to 240 students a day any help that I can get with classroom management is welcome!  I can see this resource helping me with recording student absences with ease, giving students immediate feedback on positive/negative behavior, and for overall record keeping.  I think my students would enjoy creating their own Avatars as a class assignment as well!

Here are some key points I would like to remember about ClassDojo based on watching the video below.

  • Attendance
  • Positive/Negative Sound to help students self regulate
  • On task/Off task
  • Award Multiple Students
  • Reset Bubbles
  • Reports for Parents
  • Can alter date range
  • Print Individual Reports
  • Can send whole class reminders (can see which parents have read the reminder)
  • Students can create their own avatar
  • What does it look like in my classroom
  • Suggest gaining and loosing points with students


Below you will see my ClassDojo account along with a follow up image of the 4 classrooms that I intend to pilot this classroom resource with for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year.



Currently Blissfield Elementary has at least 1 grade level set of iPads per grade level.  Several grade levels have more than one set.  Each grade level is allowed to decide how they would like to “handle” their iPads.  Some keep their iPads housed in a cart and they check them out using a calendar…others divide their iPads up between classrooms giving each room around 10 iPads for their students.  This inconsistency in division has made it quite difficult for me as it relates to whole grade level lesson planning.  I do everything I can to “level the playing field.”  This past school year I had some 3rd grade Artists create Abstract Expressionist Artworks using Technology (using iPads) whereas others couldn’t participate in the same lesson as the App wasn’t available for use in the computer lab (obviously).  The students who have 1:1 iPads seem to show a greater sense of ownership over their device and are more efficient at accessing and exploring new resources.  I do believe that these classes show a greater number of actively engaged students.


I have set up a Remind account (complete with a paint palette icon of course) and have sent a message to you Sue!  At BES several teachers and our building principal currently use Remind to communicate with BES parents.  I can’t wait to use this communication resource this year!

Screenshot (51)

For the upcoming 2016-2017 school year I intend to use both ClassDojo and Remind.  I will pilot ClassDojo with my 5th grade students (I’ve already set up their whole class groups).  I hope to see an improvement in student behavior/ownership of behavior and data recording for grading (participation/behavior).  As it relates to Remind I intend to use remind to communicate with parents regarding fundraising for our kiln, student art shows, and as an advocacy tool for our Elementary Visual Arts program.



One thought on “15-Digital Classroom Management

  1. Derica, yes, I’m getting lots of Remind messages as a result of this module! 😀 I’ve even somehow gotten on your principal’s Remind list and am going to have to unsubscribe to a few of these when I get a chance. Although it’s nice ot know what’s going on …

    About Class Dojo, wouldn’t it be nice if teachers had time to share with other teachers what they’re doing and why and how? I’m so glad this year you’ll know what those “bubble” teachers were talking about it. Wish they would have shared with you rather than leaving you in the dark. I’m just sayin’


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