18-Dig the Data

Part 1


Screenshot (58)

Part 2

Formatting and Formulas:

Screenshot (59)

Part 3

Graphs and Charts:

Screenshot (60)

At the end of the 2015-2016 school year I was asked to show a report to my building principal of student pre/post-test scores.  I simply wrote them down and handed them to my Principal.  He looked at me puzzled and asked me to put them into an excel spreadsheet.  After several hours of logging over 520 students names and pre/post-test scores I sent him a follow up email of my spreadsheets.  I received a reply which asked for averages.  I had no idea how to create averages.  Simply toggling through all of the columns and rows was enough for me.  I enlisted the help of a second grade teacher who helped me create averages.  What a nightmare!!!  I will no longer be in that position next year thanks to this “Thing.”  Going into the 2016-2017 I can say I am proficient at: Sorting, Formatting and Formulas (this would have come in handy last year!), and creating Charts and Graphs.

*Due to the fact that we were excused from administering a poll for Thing 17 I will have to use a spreadsheet that I created last year reporting on Pre/Post Test Scores to prove Student Growth.

I used my Excel Spreadsheet for 3rd Grade Pre-Test Data.  Honestly…I presented two separate Spreadsheets for Pre/Post Test Data to my building Principal.  Yikes!  I’m going to attempt to merge the two…eliminate issues…and erase student names.

Screenshot (62)

I now have one document that features Pre/Post-Assessment Individual Scores/Averages side by side.  I believe this document is far more impressive than two separate documents which feature isolated data.

*After several hours of self exploration/watching YouTube videos I cannot figure out how to create a chart that includes Pre/Post-Assessment Data and Headers.  I’ve used the ctrl function to select headers and Pre/Post-Assessment Data and it continues to produce a chart that has unlabeled bars.  You can visually see the rise in Assessment Scores but you cannot see what the Assessment was testing.  I’m not sure what the Series Coding stands for either?  Any insight Sue?

Screenshot (63)

I will continue to use Spreadsheets this year to collect data, prove student growth, and inform instruction.  I intend to start using online polls and surveys to gauge student interest, assess prior knowledge, check for understanding during a lesson, and as a tool to encourage community involvement.




One thought on “18-Dig the Data

  1. Derica,
    I’d have to see the file and play with it to figure out how to get the display you want up close. Excel offers a lot more tweaking capability in the charts than does Google Sheets. I’m wondering if you had the header row highlighted when you created the chart or whether you had that box checked? It could be one or two of a number of variables.

    You might try playing with a smaller chunk of content. (Art History strand, color strands, other elements) and produce some simpler charts to see how those look and how to edit. I’m sure it’s doable but I can’t tell from just the screenshots.

    Don’t hesitate to call me when things come up. If I can’t help I can usually find someone who can!


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