20-Blended or Flipped Classrooms

Last year I approached my building principal with the Question: What is a Flipped Classroom?  I had become interested in learning about Flipping my Visual Arts Classroom after watching the Elementary Visual Arts Blogger: Cassie Stephens.  She creates exciting videos for both her own Art students and her fellow Art Educators.  I thought that I could use a similar approach to pre-recording videos of Unit introductions, Demonstrations, or even as a tool for pre-recording lessons for when I would be away for Substitute teachers. Being that I see multiple sections of the same Grade level having a video that I could play at the beginning of class to each of my 1st Grade Visual Arts classes for example would be beneficial as it relates to overall use of class time.  I have 5 minutes between classes to tear down and set up for the following group.  As the Lesson Intro streams I could be freed up to set up…or even tie loose shoestrings!  😉  Another situation that I could see Flipping the Classroom to be beneficial for would be for offering additional support.  If the students followed a video recording that I created of a certain Artistic Process I could walk around and offer additional support to individual students.

I found the video below to be very helpful as it relates to Flipping the Visual Arts Classroom.

I have many ideas of videos I could create:

  • Classroom Tour
  • Classroom Rules
  • Classroom Procedures
  • Lesson Introductions
  • Process Demonstrations

Being that I’m not in my classroom right now I’ll create a video of me reading a new book I got from a friend for my Art Room!

A few things I’ve learned from creating this recording:

  • Locate a space with adequate light.
  • Possible set up a backdrop for filming.
  • Get plenty of rest…
  • Make sure to have your roots touched up…
  • Don’t make over the top faces…just be yourself…
  • Be prepared to make several recordings in order to get one you are “ok” with…

Click here to view the video I created of myself reading “The Crayon Box that Talked” with screencast-o-matic that I uploaded onto the video hosting website screencast.com.




One thought on “20-Blended or Flipped Classrooms

  1. Derica, I’d love to see a recording of you teaching “what I’ve learned from making this recording!” Very informative. You have a unique sense of humor! And I love the Crayon Box story. I used to read each year a Scholastic book called “The Land of Many Colors,” a very similar story to the Crayon Box concept. (I also read “The BFG” – I haven’t seen the movie – not sure I want to spoil the book sense.)

    I can see how having video support materials at the beginning of class can give you some time to connect and support students in other ways when you have to be up and starting over every 25-30 minutes. Some use the term “points of pain.” What are those things you have to say or demonstrate over and over that kids need to learn and that you could develop to show them while you focus on other areas of classroom support (as you said, tying shoes – it has to be done.)

    By the way, I started with Capstones and am reading backwards but I like how your ideas are coming together.


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