19-Digital Storytelling


The Digital Storytelling process involves:

  • Preparing to tell your story
  • What is it going to be about?
  • What type of story are you telling?
  • What is your own connection to the story?

Content Area: Visual Arts



Standard 2: Apply skills and knowledge to create in the arts.

ART.VA.II.K.4 Select subject matter and communicate a personal story in a painting or drawing.

ART.VA.II.K.6 Experiment with different technologies.

*I was so excited to view the two video links embedded in the 21things4teachers site on Digital Storytelling but it states that neither of them work.

10 elements of a digital story:

Adapted from StoryCenter.org (Center for Digital Story Telling) and Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

1. Point of View – what is your purpose? What is the goal?
2. Narrator’s Point of View
3. A Dramatic Question – the action, tension, central desire…
4. Content or paradigm – inspirational, love, loneliness, friendship…
5. Gift of your voice – your audio recording (practice and relax, be conversational)
6. Pacing of your narrative
7. Power of your audio – music, sound effects, your own lyrical narration (watch copyright)
8. Images – the quality and type of media (video, animations, photos, graphics…)
9. Economy of the story detail – the sequence of events, images, text – (keep it simple)
10. Appropriate grammar and language usage

Click here to view an incredible Digital Story created to share the authors view of the importance of Visual Arts Education.

After viewing this video I decided to create a Video using Animoto to promote my K-5 Visual Arts program.  Now that I have experience with using this Digital Storytelling tool I can better educate my K-5 Artists through the process of Creating their own Digital Stories.  As I came up with a concept I was able to easily select many images to help me illustrate the concepts I wants to share.  Adding captions to each image helped me to create a story for my audience.  After I selected a piece of music and hit play I was immediately moved.  I’ve already posted my video to Facebook to gather thoughts on the video I’ve created.  There are endless possibilities as it relates to the Content Standards and Benchmarks these tools will help me to reach!  Click here to view the video I created with Animoto.