20-Blended or Flipped Classrooms

Last year I approached my building principal with the Question: What is a Flipped Classroom?  I had become interested in learning about Flipping my Visual Arts Classroom after watching the Elementary Visual Arts Blogger: Cassie Stephens.  She creates exciting videos for both her own Art students and her fellow Art Educators.  I thought that I could use a similar approach to pre-recording videos of Unit introductions, Demonstrations, or even as a tool for pre-recording lessons for when I would be away for Substitute teachers. Being that I see multiple sections of the same Grade level having a video that I could play at the beginning of class to each of my 1st Grade Visual Arts classes for example would be beneficial as it relates to overall use of class time.  I have 5 minutes between classes to tear down and set up for the following group.  As the Lesson Intro streams I could be freed up to set up…or even tie loose shoestrings!  😉  Another situation that I could see Flipping the Classroom to be beneficial for would be for offering additional support.  If the students followed a video recording that I created of a certain Artistic Process I could walk around and offer additional support to individual students.

I found the video below to be very helpful as it relates to Flipping the Visual Arts Classroom.

I have many ideas of videos I could create:

  • Classroom Tour
  • Classroom Rules
  • Classroom Procedures
  • Lesson Introductions
  • Process Demonstrations

Being that I’m not in my classroom right now I’ll create a video of me reading a new book I got from a friend for my Art Room!

A few things I’ve learned from creating this recording:

  • Locate a space with adequate light.
  • Possible set up a backdrop for filming.
  • Get plenty of rest…
  • Make sure to have your roots touched up…
  • Don’t make over the top faces…just be yourself…
  • Be prepared to make several recordings in order to get one you are “ok” with…

Click here to view the video I created of myself reading “The Crayon Box that Talked” with screencast-o-matic that I uploaded onto the video hosting website screencast.com.